Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!

I have just reached my one year anniversary of starting my nutrition counseling business!!!!

This. Is. Huge.

So many small businesses don't survive the first 6 month, yet alone the first year! I am so excited to be continuing down the path that so many people helped me create!

My web site was started shortly after my business started. In this "tech-y" world in which we live, I felt that was the next step... right? (Well, right after heading to the bank!!!) Anyway, it has been a year of excitement, frustration, worry, laughter, mistakes, failure and success. So here I am Sept. 2016 ... starting a blog!

I probably should have done this earlier, but I thought that creating income was probably important too - ya know, we like to keep our lights on and food on the table over here! 

The goal of this blog is two fold - pass along nutrition information that I think is worth sharing AND answer nutrition question ... possibly down the line I can incorporate recipes and product reviews as well. 

I hope you enjoy the blog, find the information you need and ask questions!!!!

-cb :)