It's a little chilly ....

Fall - I really do love this time of year! The cooler weather makes me think of all those yummy soup recipes I have pinned to Pinterest! 

After looking at the evening schedule, which included football practice and a soccer game, I knew that soup was definitely on the menu. I headed over to my Pinterest page and searched for soups .... Zuppa Tuscana - nah, too spicy...... White chicken chili - nope, I'm outta beans .... Slow Cooker Beef and Barley - nope, not enough time ... Chicken Noodle Soup - YES! Sounds great!

I popped over to Averie Cooks and her 30 minute Chicken Noodle Soup was perfect!

I loved the smell in the house as the fragrance of the carrots, onion, celery and spices cooked - PERFECT fall feeling! And, not to mention all the immune boosting anti-oxidants in those ingredients as well!!